25. What about this position is especially attractive to you? 这份职位最吸引你的地方是什么?

回答示范1: I would be doing similar things as in my last job but with a higher salary in a more reputable company. That’s the main attraction of this position to me.
点评1: 干同样的活儿而拿更多的钱, 实话实说, 比“忽悠”强多了。
回答示范2: This position is especially attractive to me as it is offered by Huawei. I trust Huawei. I think my job will be more secure than working in smaller companies. You know, if I perform well, I think I can have a long term development here.?
点评2: 这是个很诚恳的回答, 因为大公司所提供的职位往往具有同样的优点: 工作稳定, 如果表现好会有长远的发展。
回答示范3: The best part of this job, I think, is that it gives me an opportunity to become a professional in the shortest time. I can master auditing with your comprehensive training. Learning a professional skill is particularly important to me as my major of Business English is a tool instead of a career.?
点评3: 大公司通常以自己完善的培训体系为豪, 而应届毕业生也恰恰最需要这样的培训, 所以说, 这是个典型的“一拍即合”的回答, 惟一的缺点就是它可能过于大众化。这个申请人做得就很好, 他把自己的大学专业结合在答案中。他告诉面试官, 自己所学的英语专业不能算是一门职业, 只能是为了某个职业而服务的工具, 所以一份专业性强的工作对他来说格外有吸引力。

26. What do you see in the position that is not attractive to you? 这份职位最不吸引你的地方是什么?
回答示范1: Frankly speaking, I still don’t know, since you never mentioned the downsides of this job either in the job ad or in the career talk. However, the office location is certainly not ideal to me, as I live in Fangcun and your office is in Tianhebei, I might have to rent a room nearby if I get this job.?
点评1: 一个很滑头的回答, 不过确实很巧妙, 变相地再一次表了忠心: 为了工作, 宁可搬家!?
回答示范2: To be honest, I can’t see any at this moment. But I’m prepared for some disappointments when I start doing it, as each job has a dark side. So far I found only one small disappointment. There is no subway station nearby so I may have to take a bus every day. And I have to be more careful with my wallet and mobile phone, you know, pick pockets, hehe.
点评2: 这是个超级漂亮的回答, 既客观地承认了任何工作都会有不尽如人意之处, 也巧妙地利用幽默转移了话题。妙哉!

27. Tell me what you know about our company. 说?#30340;?#23545;这间公司的了解吧。
回答示范1: Actually, what I know about your company is mostly from the newspaper and internet. For example, R&F (注释: 富力地产) is a fast-growing company, from one project in 1994, to 50 properties today. R&F Plaza, R&F Peach Garden and some other properties are highly successful. R&F also has successful business in Beijing and Tianjin, and the international expansion began in 2005 when R&F listed on the Hong Kong Stock Market. What’s more, I was very impressed that R&F donated 14 million Yuan to Jinan University last month. I think I’d be very proud to work in such a generous company.?
点评1: 如果你对这间公司的了解仅仅限于互联网上所搜索到的信息, 请你像这位申请人一样滔?#21916;?#32477;地列举该公司的亮点, 尤其是最新的亮点, 比如刚开发了什么新产品, 刚有什么令人骄傲的?#23548;?#31561;。你说得的信息越多越新越流利, 你的印象分就更高一些。在这个问题上, 展示你的“忽悠”才能吧。
回答示范2: What I know about Kimberly(注释: 金佰利) is partly from the Internet and newspaper, and partly from my own experience of using Kimberly products. I am a loyal customer of Kleenex, and I sometimes choose Kotex. Well, the new product, I don’t know the English name, the fragrant tissue, is really my favorite. It’s a bit expensive, but I can’t resist it!?
点评2: 避开人人可谈的来自网络的信息, 转而谈论自己对该公司产品的了解, 确实棋高一?#23567;?/p>